Wedding Photoshoot

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End to End Coverage

GK Vale is committed to giving all of our customers the best possible customer experience. Therefore, all of your event photography and videography needs are fulfilled by our in-house team. 

Professional Photo Editing

GK Vale carries out all the edits of both photos and videos. Our Expertise in editing photos to focus on the subject, enhance the right colours and just make the photo stand out and look amazing

World Class Printing

We are the only Photographic Outlet in Asia with a High Definition Printing machine that can print at 2400 dpi. Our prints are guaranteed to last 300 years


Traditional Photography

Traditional photography is the style of photography in which you are being asked to stand in line and smile. Still very popular at Indian weddings, where the couple is made to stand on a podium and friends and family gather to wish them and have their photos taken. Traditional photographers also move into the crowd and ask people to pose for group photos. Slightly more formal in its approach.

Pre-Wedding Shoots

We insist on every couple having a pre-wedding shoot. Weddings can be really stressful and intense and these shoots are designed to capture the couple in a more relaxed environment. It also gives the photographer an opportunity to build a rapport with the couple before their wedding day. Some couples even use the pre-wedding photos as invites or save the date messages to family and friends

Candid Photography

Candid photography is also popularly known as photo journalistic or story-telling photography.  Capturing your special day without disturbing the sequence of events and making people unaware of the camera is what candid photographers do best. The most natural, creative and artistic form of photography whilst documenting your event. Candid photos are best suited for your social media posts as well.